Makar Yurchenko #76 | Vince Lombardi. Motivation of the year
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Vince Lombardi. Motivation of the year

Le Mans (France) , May 17, 2014 – Impressive performance in the Le Mans round of the CEV. The race of the CEV has been characterized by a double start due to an accident that involved three riders, two of whom , David Pizzoli (KTM) and the Kazakh Makar Yurchenko (KTM) , were taken to a hospital. The Italian suffered a minor head trauma, while Yurchenko broke both wrists… The race of the CEV was then carried out over a distance of 9 rounds instead of the 17 planned .


After a dreadful accident in France Makar Yurchenko didn’t give up the possibility to participate in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and CEV, and after 3 months he comes back to competition in Brno, taking all the chances to ride and win. Having missed almost half of the season, Makar didn´t give up the career of the motorider. More than this, the accident made him stronger and taught him to struggle for his dreams and achieve them.