Makar Yurchenko #76 | Makar Yurchenko training weekend with Viñales, Rodrigo and Ajo
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Makar Yurchenko training weekend with Viñales, Rodrigo and Ajo

Last Saturday, 24th of January, Makar Yurchenko participated in the MotoZK TT Super Solo Preseason Series, Circuit de Catalunya, Spain. Traditionally competitions are held 4 times per year and have a status of friendly trainings with top motorcycle riders involved.


In 2013 among the riders at MotoZK TT Super Solo Preseason Series there was Marc Marquez noticed, in December 2014 – Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Viñales (Suzuki pilot, MotoGP).


Makar Yurchenko: “It is a good competition that is quite popular between roadracing riders. It provides a great opportunity for endurance training and feeling of the bike. Here you can ride along with the well-known motorcycle riders from different categories MotoGP, CEV, etc”.


Motorcycle riders carried out a demonstration run on the flat track about 1,5 km long. The competition had 4 individual starts, each of which consisted on 10 full laps. By rules of the runs the rider had to be accompanied by the teammate to share 4 starts equally. Makar was allowed to pass the competition without a teammate. It was his independent decision to increase the physical training and endurance on the eve of the coming Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup championship.


This competition was a great training also for Marc Garcia and Oscar Gutierrez along with Maverick Viñales, Niklas Ajo, Gabriel Rodrigo and Albert Arenas.


Makar Yurchenko: “The fight with the pilots from the World Championship was hard but it was a good training. Maverick Viñales and Gabriel Rodrigo dedicate a lot of time to motocross during winter time, so their level is quite high…”


In total, the event was attended by 16 teams. Except Niklas Ajo there were only Spanish motorcycle riders. Knowing the fact that the preparation of the Spaniards is always much higher and better than the others, Makar was able to show good results.


After the first run Makar took 8th place. During the second round he gained time and set 6th position. Then he came back to 7th place and on the last run took 4th place, leaving behind Niklas Ajo, active rider of Moto3.


Makar Yurchenko: “These competitions looked like a good Saturday workout together with a pair of racing races. I decided to take the double load for me, doing double job, I am quite pleased with the result. After this competition I am going to continue training in gym, cycling in the mountains and doing daily supermotard trainings. And in February we begin tests on the bike of Moto3”.


It is worth mentioning that for the second year in a row Makar Yurchenko continues to participate in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. At this moment Makar spends lots of time training in Spain to get ready for the new season of Rookies Cup.