Makar Yurchenko finished Top-10 at the Moto3 World Championship, Grand Prix of Valencia | Makar Yurchenko #76

Red flags, bike in fire and highside didn’t prevent Makar Yurchenko from entering Top-10 in Valencia

A massive riders’ crash at the second lap of Moto3 race in Valencia involved Makar Yurchenko, a Sokol Racetrack rider and Yakhnich Motorsport athlete, but the restart of the race brought him in to Top-10 finish in the final race of season 2019.

Warm-up lap started with oil spilled on the track by Spanish rider. Due to engine failure, pilot was sent back to boxes with the race delayed for 20 minutes. After race start, it became clear that engine was not repaired properly. Smoking bike slowed down the pace of pilots who were chasing Spaniard.

“Shortly after the start, Aaron Canet overtook me. I saw his motorcycle in smoke. I realized that there was a great risk of fall: if Canet engine failed again, we would sprinkle like skittles on the track, so we all slowed down”, said Makar Yurchenko.

However, after a couple of turns, a massive crash in the leading group changed the run of the race. Two riders flew into the gravel, while the motorcycle of one of them went back to the track, just into the group of riders. The race was red flagged and stopped. Italian rider Denis Foggia was dropped to hospital. Makar Yurchenko got a highside, with helmet, leathers and bike damaged. Yakhnich Motorsport athlete managed to pull his bike, return to the pits, change leathers and proceed to race restart.

Makar Yurchenko, BOE Skull Rider Mugen Race, left side.

Unusually cold weather in Valencia limited the grip on the track – in addition, by the time the race was resumed, the sun had gone beyond the clouds and the wind had risen, reducing the temperature of the track. “Nevertheless, after a couple of laps I managed to gain again a good pace and come back to fight,” says Makar Yurchenko.

Sokol Racetrack rider phenomenally completed the final stage of the 2019 season in Valencia – at 9th position, with Top-10 finish from 26th line on the grid.