Officially. Makar Yurchenko signs with CIP for Moto3 World Championship, 2018 | Makar Yurchenko #76

Officially. Makar Yurchenko signs with CIP for Moto3 World Championship, 2018

Makar Yurchenko will make his much awaited graduation to Moto3 World Championship in 2018, signing the deal with French Moto3 team CIP (Center International Pilotage). The 19-year old Kazakh rider will compete on KTM machine – CIP will switch its Mahindra collaboration for KTM.

Makar Yurchenko is competing now in FIM Junior Moto3, having got this year two podiums (Albacete and Jerez) with amazing pole position in French Le Mans. Kazakh rider began his international career in 2013, coming to tarmac from professional motocross discipline. He started his way in Red Bull Rookies Cup and then entered FIM Junior Moto3 with support of Kazakhstan circuit Sokol Racetrack.

Makar Yurchenko: “Definitely, participation in the Moto3 World Championship is a new stage in my career. We were approaching to this goal with my team for three long years and I’m very proud that we managed to get it. Of course, there is still a lot of work ahead – it is necessary to complete this current season in FIM Junior Moto3 as good as possible, so there is no time to relax. In the midseason, we will train at times more than before, adjust mentally to the Moto3 race battles, as the World Championship battles are well-known. That is why, we have lots of things to finish by the beginning of the next year! And there already comes February – the first official Moto3 tests and the first race in Qatar! Thanks to Sokol Racetrack – without its support, I could not show myself in the world motorcycle sport and open my potential! I’m very proud of them and very happy to please Sokol Racetrack with my trophies, as well as everyone who supports me! “

Xavier Bernat, manager of pilot Makar Yurchenko: “I am excited for the new stage of career that is coming for Makar Yurchenko, and for what he has achieved at a professional level for the last 3 years, since we are dealing with him. There is a big team that has worked hard all this time to help Makar achieve results, including: Makar’s father, Boris Yurchenko, Sokol Racetrack’s management, Olga Kudinova, project curator and pilot press service, journalist MotoGP; Frine Velilla, the head of the media department Dorna (MotoGP), who became practically the “godmother” of the pilot, and, of course, all those who are not indifferent to motorsport, who provides and continues to provide Makar with support. Special thanks to Anton Rudov (Trinity Team). We expect a productive year with CIP team. Still a lot of work ahead, but the goal is set and we go to it all together. “

Alain Bronec, CIP team manager: “We are pleased to welcome Makar Yurchenko to the CIP team for the new season. Last week, Makar showed a good result in Jerez, took the podium after a difficult fight for leadership positions in FIM Junior Moto3 Championship. This result seemed interesting for us – Makar pilotes KTM very good. From now, we start to work hard to show good results at the official tests in February. CIP will receive a new KTM bike 2018. Therefore everything is set for good work in World Championship Moto3. “