Makar Yurchenko: one more victory in the Russian Supermoto Championship | Makar Yurchenko #76

Makar Yurchenko: one more victory in the Russian Supermoto Championship and 2nd place in the Russian Cup on Minimotard

On July 19 at kartodrome Firsanovka, Moscow, was held the 4th stage of the Russian Supermoto Championship together with the Russian Cup on Minimotard. Makar Yurchenko, a young motorcycle rider from Saint-Petersburg, again got a landslide victory in the Supermoto class, sharing the podium with his team-mate Artem Teslenko (2nd place) and Alexei Agalakov (3rd place). In class Minimotard Yurchenko again had to face Vladimir Leonov in a tough fight, without which, as later commented Yurchenko “the race would have been very boring though”.


The 4th stage of the Russian Supermoto Championship will be written in the pages Russian motorsport history as the most popular in 2015 calendar. Despite the fact that the Supermoto competition is one of the newest type of motorcycle sport in Russia that is usually held on small tracks, the official organizer of the championship in Russia managed to increase the interest for Supermoto competition among visitors at times.


Makar Yurchenko, the winner of the previous 3 stages of the Russian Supermoto Championship, already in qualifying showed a significant time gap from other riders – 2.117 sec.,  leaving for himself the best lap time of the weekend – 57,548 seconds. As a result another main podium went for Makar, his team-mate Artem Teslenko took second place on the podium and Alexei Agalakov – the third one.


One more victory for Makar Yurchenko increasingly alienates his opponents from the opportunity to influence the overall standings in the championship, in which 16-year-old rookie from St. Petersburg remains still a non-replaceable leader from the very first stage.



Makar Yurchenko: “I started from the pole position, granted myself with a secure distance from the second rider – it was my team-mate Artem Teslenko – and have been working on maintaining a stable pace from him, lap by lap. I managed to win both races and to strengthen my leadership in the championship. My team AvtoMotoAlians also got points and today it is a leader in the overall standings among the teams in Russian Supermoto Championship.



In the Russian Cup on Minimotard Makar Yurchenko showed an exciting fight for first place with Vladimir Leonov, giving both stages the sweet taste of unpredictability. Makar Yurchenko finished qualification time with the best time of 59.828 seconds, got the pole position, moving Leonov to the second position on the grid. And when Yurchenko’s main rival didn’t succeed in good start and lost 15 seconds of time due to the stopped engine, Makar easily got the victory in the 1st stage of Russian Cup on Minimotard. The second stage Yurchenko passed the finish line being second, after all remaining the leader in the overall standings in the championship.



Makar Yurchenko: “There were 23 riders claimed for the race, but it is with Vladimir Leonov that we always have battles, and sometimes very tough battles for victories. On Saturday my JMC Factory Team could not find a good setting of the bike – bike was not stable. We put new tires for the race, and it helped a lot so I won the first race and qualification. It is a pity that at the start Leonov had a problem with his bike, so he lost 15 seconds of time and didn’t manage to catch me. We could not compete and have fun as we would like to, but in the second race from the very first lap we went into a serious fight for the leadership. And this fight, I think, we both stimulated: Vladimir set the lap record 58.908 sec., while I set – 59.048 sec. On the qualification our best times were for a moment more. In general, the races turned out good. A bit annoying that already at the fifth lap my rear tire was worn out and I lost grip. But we all with the guys from JMC FactoryTeam became sure that my bike is very competitive, we just need to work on preserving the tires. Then we can fight for the leadership throughout the whole race”.



The next, 5th stage of the Russian Supermoto Championship and the Russian Cup on Minimotard, will be held in Ryazan, Russia, July 26, at the new motorsport complex “Atron”.


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