Makar Yurchenko #76 | Makar Yurchenko became athlete of the year 2015 in Russia
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Makar Yurchenko became athlete of the year 2015 in Russia

December 26th welcomed the annual event held by the Russian Motorcycle Federation in St. Petersburg. Makar Yurchenko was given a title of “Athlete of the Year” 2015 by the results of the last season. This is the third title “Athlete of the Year” that Yurchenko has in his pocket since 2012.


2015 turned out to be generous on the podiums for Makar Yurchenko. The young rider took part in the Russian Supermoto Championship and Russian Cup on Minimotard, gaining both champion titles, and leading his Supermoto team “AvtoMotoAlians” and Minimotard team “JMC Factory Team” both in the absolute leaders of the championship.


Together with the Russian competitions Makar Yurchenko also represented Russia at the prestigious junior championship Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, where he managed to take 15th place in the overall standings.


Makar Yurchenko: “This is my third title “Athlete of the Year”. The first was in 2012 and it was assigned to me for achievements in the motocross discipline, as well as in the subsequent 2013. I am glad that people don´t forget about me and follow my success – this is the best award for me.


In 2015 I became the champion of Russia in Supermoto and Minimotard classes, I also represented my country in international competitions. Therefore, this award is very important to me. To get it I had to fight and to struggle a lot, because Russian Supermoto Championship consisted of seven stages, and to every stage I had to come to Russia from abroad, where I used to spend time preparing for the MotoGP Red Bull Rookies Cup. Despite the tight schedule, with my Supermoto team “AvtoMotoAlians” and the guys from the Minimotard team “JMC Factory Team”, we managed to fulfill all the goals consistently to go through the entire season, finish all the races and win championships. However, in 2015 I was able to become the strongest athlete so far in Russia, and in 2016 I have higher goals, so I set up to achieve success at the international level. “


Спортсмен года 2015