Makar Yurchenko became a test-rider of new EXO Neutrino | Makar Yurchenko #76

Makar Yurchenko became a test-rider of the new sporty electric scooter EXO Neutrino

Makar Yurchenko, who on the eve of the championship Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup runs training practice in Spain, took up the challenge to test scooter EXO Neutrino in his usual “racing extreme” style, on the streets of Barcelona and the famous promenade of Barceloneta.


Makar Yurchenko: “I used to deal with electric scooters, but with sporty electric – never. Developers of EXO Neutrino “have caught” me on this. And I wanted to know why the scooter manufacturer announces the scooter as a “sport” one. What is this, a PR trick to make a good promo of the bike or EXO Neutrino really breaks all the stereotypes of a motorcycle “with the battery” and has a cool innovative sport character?”


Despite the fact that the EXO Neutrino is going to take a niche in European market as a standard urban scooter, Makar Yurchenko was asked not to pay attention on the basic instructions of the bike and check the limits of EXO Neutrino in the most extreme way possible.


Makar Yurchenko: “It was easy to find a “common language” with the bike. EXO has a fit that is very close to motocross bikes. Due to this, it is very comfortable to drive and to control it. I personally liked EXO Neutrino like a little aggressive electric toy with sports inclinations. I should give a fact that this bike is not produced for young racers to have cruel test-drives on it. Of course, most of the time the scooter will be used in urban areas, and – what is for sure – it will bring you a lot of fun from the simple movement from point A to point B! EXO Neutrino confidently holds the road, and if you are not a fan of extreme riding, it won’t give you any problems at all. So my final “judgment” is: EXO Neutrino is worthy taking a centre place in your (and my) garage as an easy and environmentally friendly personal vehicle for comfortable movement around the city!”


After the test-drive motorcycle rider was invited to write a personal opinion about the new electric scooter EXO Neutrino.


Makar Yurchenko personal opinion after the test-drive of EXO Neutrino bike was published in the TOTenRUS magazine, Spain.




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