#GermanGP. Makar Yurchenko got P4 at the starting grid | Makar Yurchenko #76

#GermanGP. Makar Yurchenko at P4, and Carmelo Ezpeleta on the grid

Makar Yurchenko got in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 4th position on the grid and showed a spectacular fight for Top-5 during 5th and 6th rounds of Rookies Cup championship.


Circuit Sachsenring is one of the shortest and most difficult tracks in MotoGP calendar. Russian rookie showed his best result in career having set the 4th fastest qualifying time.



Makar Yurchenko: “This was my first time I was riding on the Sachsenring track. I liked it a lot and it impressed me with its configuration: here you may find incredible slopes, ups and downs and dangerous “blind” corners. All this made the track very difficult to pass, but at the same time I was stimulated a lot to overcome it and to check how fast I will manage to do this! During the whole weekend I couldn’t find a good bike setup, however, I managed to take the P4 on the grid. Not bad for the first time on the new track.”



The CEO of Dorna Carmelo Ezpeleta greeted youngsters on the grid before the race. He commented that “it is important the Russian rider shows a good result. Motorcycle sport in Russia is still not enough developed as in other European countries. But this is the question of time. Soon everything is going to be changed”.


During 5th stage of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup championship Makar Yurchenko got into the fight for the Top-5, in a very tough group of riders. But the technical problems of the bike didn’t let him get closer to the leader. KTM is a bike that is very sensitive to the asphalt temperature and temperature changes can play a bad game with riders. On Friday the setting of the bike seemed to be perfect. But on Saturday, when the sun rose up and the temperature of the track increased, the bike showed unexpected chattering of the front tyre that prevented Yurchenko to set the new limit during the race. He was trying to escape from “a technical trap” during all the race, so he got 10th positionn on the finish line.


On Sunday, on the 6th round of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup championship Makar Yurchenko again fought for the position in Top-5 in the big group of rookies. On the 10th lap he managed to decrease the gap with Kaito Toba, who was running 5th. But the fight in a tough group didn’t give a chance for a Russian Yurchenko to ask for more than 7th position. On the lap 15 Makar Yurchenko takes a risk to overtake Enzo Boulom and gets a low side fall. He managed to run the bike again and finished the race on the 15th position, with 1 point for the race.



Makar Yurchenko: “Before the second race we made some changes in the bike. We actually didn’t have any choice, and we had to do this to set the better result . I was fighting with guys again for the Top-5. But when I tried to pass Enzo Boulom I lost the grip of the front tyre and flew into the gravel. I quickly got up and continued the race. But the bike was damaged, as well as tyres, plus I got 3 extra kg of stones in the bike covering. I came 15th, it is an incredible experience and I enjoyed this weekend a lot! Sachsenring is not an easy track in general. I am going to improve on the next stages that will be in Brno, 15-16th of August. We will be stronger there!”



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