ARGENTINA GP: “Finishing race with hand injury in 10 seconds from the leader is my big victory over myself and circumstances.” Makar Yurchenko

2nd round of Moto3 World Championship took place in Argentina, Circuito Termas de Rio Hondo. On the first lap of 3rd practice Makar Yurchenko was knocked off by Spanish rider bike Sergio Garcia, with both riders finishing FP3 in gravel. Yurchenko got highside that caused strong impact in hand and prevented rider from setting good time during qualifying.

Makar Yurchenko started Argentinian Moto3 round from the last position on the grid, with hand injury, trying to keep a good pace after leaders. Kazakhstani rider passed the chequered flag being 20th with a very close time – 10 sec from the leader.

Makar Yurchenko: “It was a weekend full of hopes and expectations. However, one sad mistake of Spanish rider ruined all our plans and we had to start the weekend from zero being on the last place of the grid. I tried to keep the pace during race but my left hand was still weak after injury, it was not easy to hold the bike. I’ve set my best times during Sunday race, trying to be constant and keep rhythm between 1,50 – 1,51 sec. To finish such a difficult race with only 10 sec gap is really a god job for me and our team BOE Skull Rider Mugen Race. For now, it is time to think about recuperation and next stage in USA. We will come back stronger!”

3rd round of Grand-Prix MotoGP will take part in USA, 12-14 April, Circuit of the Americas. Full MotoGP calendar you can find here.