Makar Yurchenko biography. Sokol Racetrack ambassador | Makar Yurchenko #76




My parents are from Kazakhstan, from a city Karaganda. I was born and grew up in Saint-Petersburg, here I was attending school, was making my first steps in motorcycle sport and started my career. Once, I got an ATV as a birthday present from my elder brother Pavel Yurchenko, who at that times was already twice-times champion of the Russian Road Racing Cup on scooters and had become one of the best ATV-riders in North-West region of Russia. So, that is how the story began!


My first start in the ATV-competitions. I became the leader in North-West Region of Russia among ATV-riders, aged below 15.


I moved to motocross and won St. Petersburg and North-West region Motocross Championships in 65cc class (KTM). By a lucky coincidence it was a new motocross track that was opened near to my house – AutoMotor Center “Tsarskoselsky Techno Park”, one of the first places for motocross training in our area. Here I spent all my childhood, I was training night and day, enjoying, developing and growing professionally, searching for my limit and potential.


I moved to the next class in motocross and took two in a row 2nd places in St. Petersburg and North-West region Motocross Championships in 85cc class (Suzuki). At the same time I began to participate in local free-style motocross events, and was spotted by famous Russian Red Bull pro-rider Alexey Kolesnikov. He welcomed me to his training centre Kolesnikov FMX Training Camp in Kolomna (Russia). I was very impressed with Alexey Kolsenikov, and since that moment took him as an example.


First tests in Estonia and Latvia, and first starts for me at national level. I completed my first races in the Russian Motocross Championship 85cc class with 15-17 positions, but at the end of the season I climbed up to 7-8 positions. At the end of the year, I participated in one of the stages of the Russian Supercross Championship 85cc class, where sensationally took 2nd place.


I took 2nd position in the Russian Motocross Championship 85cc class. I participated in the qualifying part of the UEM MX85 European Championship, North-East area; I got into TOP10 riders list and was selected for the final stage in United Kingdom. At the same time I applied for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup selection. I didn’t succeed to pass as my road racing experience after motocross was very poor (only 1 month). But after that I decided to struggle for future in road racing as I fell a lot for MotoGP. I started to train hard trying to find the way to my dream!


I took part in Championship Copa de España Velocidad (Pre-Moto3), where I became one of the leaders of racing team Twelve Motorsport by Xavi Fores in the first year. Also I took part in many competitions in Russia (scooters, road racing, motocross), totally in 16 races where I scored 11 victories and 4 podiums.


I was assigned for Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. I also took part in FIM Junior Moto3 in RBA team, with support of Sokol Racetrack. This year I also participated in the final round of Russian Supermoto Championship where I took 1st place. After this I went to compete to Supermoto of Nations. Through all this time it was my father who helped and support me, Boris Yurchenko. At the French stage of FIM Junior Moto3 in Le Mans during Grand-Prix MotoGP weekend, I suffered a severe crash at the starting grid that threw me away from competing in championships for long 3 months. I was taken to medical centre and that day had to become the worst in my life. But it became a fateful for me and changed my life completely! That day I met people who were working at MotoGP, they came to visit me in medical center, and since those times became an essential part of my personal team – Xavier Bernat and Olga Kudinova. It had been a long recuperation after crash. I came back to racing as soon as doctors allowed me to finish season in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.


I competed in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup for a second year, and in Russian Superbike Championship, class Supersport EVO. And also became a Russian Supermoto Champion and Russian Minimotard Champion.


I competed in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, and in FIM Junior Moto3 World Championship, 42 Motorsport team of Alex Rins, with the support of Sokol Racetrack (Kazakhstan).


I competed in FIM Junior Moto3 World Championship, Reale Avintia Academy team, with support of Sokol Racetrack (Kazakhstan). I also took part in Russian Superbike Championship, class Supersport, as an invited pilot for SPB Racing Team (Saint-Petersburg). I participate in motorcycle activities in Sokol Racetrack, Almaty (Kazakhstan).


I competed in MotoGP World Championship, class Moto3, CIP-Green Power Moto3 Team; Russian Superbike Champinship, having won the title of Russian Supersport Championship 2018 under umbrella of SPB Racing Team. Also I have got a victory in 2H and 8H Endurance races with Trinity Team.


In 2019 I go to World Championship with BOE Skull Rider Mugen Race team, class Moto3.